Election Meetup Uppsala 20 – 21th of August

Elections in Sweden are happening this year on 11th of September, both parliament and local elections. Young Pirates of Sweden and the Swedish Pirate Party will have an election meetup 20 – 21 of August in Uppsala which will focus on activism, campaigning and what we can do to get our message out.

We might have some budget leftover for bringing international guests and therefore we want to see if any young pirates in Europe would be interested in joining this event. The plan would be to fly you in 19th of August to Arlanda. We would pay for accommodation and food during your stay and while the program for the event is not finished, we would love to have international workshops were pirates from different countries could share their campaigning experiences. Then on Sunday you would fly back home.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is mostly to check interests and find possible candidates, it’s not guaranteed that you will get a spot

Election Meetup Uppsala 20 -21 of August

We don't know exactly how much left in the budget we will have to fund international guests, it depends a lot on how many of our own members will show up and where in the country they will travel from. We're estimating that we will be able to fund 2 - 3 international guests. If you're able to fund your own travel costs then it would be great as we can bring more people 🙂

This is mostly to see how many international guests are interested in showing up, it's not guaranteed that you will get a spot